Custom eyelet setting service in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

Eyelet curtains are extremely popular, will look great in your home or office and offer a touch of sophistication. The beauty of eyelets is that they can be opened and closed very easily without the resistance associated with other types of curtain.

I can provide the eyelet setting service on any curtains, be it ones you already have or on my made to measure curtains.

Eyelet Colour

Eyelets come in a range of colours to complement your chosen pole or curtain fabric. We can provide samples for you to compare these colours to your pole/curtain material.

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Eyelet Size

Eyelets come in a range of sizes from 25mm up to 66mm. Using the correct size is an important consideration and will help the curtains glide effortlessly over the pole so ensuring you don't have to tug or apply undue pressure on the curtain material or pole.

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Use our handy guide below to choose the correct eyelet size.

  • Pole size
  • 19mm - 28mm
  • 30mm-35mm
  • 50mm
  • Eyelet size
  • 40mm eyelets
  • 50mm eyelets
  • 66mm eyelets

We offer an eyelet service for those of you who prefer to make your own curtains and don't have the space for a large eyelet machine. Fill out the form for more information.




Size of Pole
19-28mm 30-35mm >50mm

Eyelet colour and finish
Antique Brass Antique Copper Clear Bright Gunmetal Antique Nickel Stainless Steel Gunmetal Nickel Satin Nickel

Width of finished Curtain (meters)

Position of eyelet from top of eyelet to top of the in side rim of eyelet

Finished length of curtain, from the inside of the eyelet rim to the finished length of curtain

Any other information.
If you would like any eyelet samples add your address below.

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